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Zombies and neuroscientists

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What happens when neuroscientist and their wives gather to watch zombie films while having a few beers? According to a blog by Bradley Voytek some years back, they begin analyzing what happens to the brain when a person becomes a zombie. That resulted in the book, “Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?” A rather prestigious book, you might say, since it was published by Princeton University Press in 2014. However, if you prefer the paperback, that came out in 2016. Bradley and his good friend Timothy Verstynen both enjoy discussing zombie brains. Bradley is assistant professor in the Department of Cognitive Science, the Neurosciences Graduate Program, and the Halicioglu Data Science institute at the University of California San Diego. Timothy is an assistant professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. Both men say they basically wrote the book to generate interest in neuroscience, and it has worked. If you’re a zombie fan, you may want to do a little academic reading.

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