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When your home is in jeopardy

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You don’t have to lose your home to bankruptcy if you are facing high debt due to medical expenses or credit card debt like many Floridians. CredAbility is a consumer counseling agency that offers help to individuals in this situation. They have a variety of programs and all you have to do is reach out to them at 1.800.251.2227. You can develop a Debt Management Plan with a counselor to help with credit card debt, medical expenses, or education costs. This program allows you to begin paying these outstanding debts with fees waived, lower payments and interest rates. They will help you deal with credit card companies, who are generally willing to work with you. If you’re too far behind on your mortgage, you’ll find HUD-approved counselor to help you through the foreclosure process. Services are also available to teach you how to budget and save money and work toward improving your credit score.


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