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What’s your purpose today?

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A daily, proactive approach can get you closer to your dreams.

Story: Bridget Webber

Everyday goals get you where you want to be. Not pipe dreams. It’s good to dream big and stretch toward a fantastic outcome. You won’t get there, though, unless you step in the right direction each day.

Do you set your mind with an intention when you wake in the morning? Many entrepreneurs and people who expand their minds and help others do. As soon as they spy daylight, they create a purpose to color their day. Do the same and you are likely to reach your goals.

How to create a purpose

Your purpose needs to fit your overall plan, so you must know what you want first. Do you hope to build a successful business? Teach people about compassion? Or develop loving relationships, for instance?

Consider how to inch closer to your goal each day. Your purpose might be to find a mentor, study, or adopt mindful communication. Choose a purpose to shift you in the direction you wish to go.

Why set up a purpose first thing in the morning? For the first few minutes when you awaken, your mind is empty. Thoughts about what you must do later and what happened yesterday haven’t arisen yet, and you can imprint your brain with a positive instruction to follow in the form of a purpose.

As the day progresses, your mind fills with a jumble of data. Work, chores, and responsibilities flood your brain and compete for attention. Set your mind to focus on your purpose first thing, though, and the idea will stay with you.

How your purpose will help you

You might dream about what you want, but not make it happen. Maybe you procrastinate and think of reasons you can’t be proactive. Each day, though, is a chance to push forward a little, and your efforts will amass.

Obstacles will always line your path; some big, and others small. Leave your dream for a year or several years from now, and setbacks still occur. The only trouble is, you’ll have less energy and resilience the longer you put your ideas on hold.

Develop a purpose and you will move closer to your dream all the time. Soon, the outcome you want won’t look as far away as it does now. Small results will grow and, as they do, your confidence and motivation will increase, too.

Unless you act, you’ll never know whether your dreams can come true. Take small steps each day after creating a purpose. As a result, you reap rewards and your dreams turn into realistic aims rather than fantasies.

About the writer

Bridget Webber enjoys writing “how to” articles related to psychology and mental health. She lives in the United Kingdom.

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