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What your negative thoughts reveal about you

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Writer: Bridget Webber

Insights can be found by investigating your inner voice.

People often try to get rid of negative thoughts, imagining they are unhelpful. However, your thoughts contain hidden messages. Untapped, they are just endless streams of data. To learn, you have to be willing to listen. Here’s why negative thoughts exist and how to use them to your advantage.

Why you have negative thoughts
You might see your critical voice as an enemy because you feel unhappy when it surfaces. However, the discomfort experienced begins before the voice speaks. A stimulus triggers negativity and the voice echoes your emotions.

For instance, you might feel upset if you see dirty dishes in the sink when it’s not your turn to wash up. The voice tells you the person who was supposed to do the dishes doesn’t care about you. The emotion appears first followed by negative thinking.

What are negative thoughts?
Negative thoughts are part of your internal guidance system. They are meant to help you find your way in life. When you fight against them, you miss vital insights and opportunities to heal. The voice helps you notice your emotions so you can work on unhealed aspects of your psyche.

The negative thoughts in the scenario above could trigger a painful argument if you don’t explore them. When examined, however, they inspire self-awareness. The underlying emotion wants you to recognize it is fear of not being loved. Exploring it can lead to understanding and a positive resolution.

How to understand the emotions behind negativity
The fears beneath negative thinking often originate in childhood. If your need for love and acceptance go unfulfilled, your mind highlights similar events in the future. Your mind wants to resolve the unfinished business of the past.

The next time you notice negative thoughts, look behind them. Find where they originate. Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and ask for a memory of the event that triggered negativity. The episode might be monumental or insignificant. Childhood traumas and misunderstandings can both be triggered later in life.

Recalling triggering events lets you see through fresh eyes. You have knowledge and experience now, and your wisdom helps you understand what happened. Also, uncovering what causes your feelings throws light on how you react to events. As a result, you comprehend why you feel as you do.

Negative thoughts offer valuable insights if you search beneath them. Investigating them reveals parts of your psyche that want attention. Use your internal voice to go back to painful emotions from your past. When you identify unresolved issues, study them and heal them with understanding. The more problems you uncover, the less negativity you’ll meet in the future.

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