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Weightlifting can cause problems for your back. However, some simple steps recommended by orthopedic specialists Dr. Leon Popovitz and Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky can help protect your back.

Herniated discs can result from lifting more with the back than with leg muscles. Keep this in mind every time you lift weights.

“Developing the right posture is key, as poor form greatly increases your risk of back injury,” Dr. Mizhiritsky says. “You’ll want to keep your vertebrae neatly aligned to avoid placing too much pressure on a particular bone or muscle.” 

Any exercise that involves forward bending or backward bending may cause a sprain in the back.

Extreme extension while weightlifting could lead to cracks in vertebrae, which is called spondylolysis and often causes lower back pain.

“If you do injure your back, a physical therapist can guide you through specific exercises and stretches that will strengthen the necessary muscles to protect your spine,” Dr. Mizhiritsky continues. “They can help you create a routine and fix your alignment so you can get back to weightlifting without the risk of future injury.”

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