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Toosum Bar Are too Yum

Receiving the samples of Toosum bars around here was like getting Halloween candy. We have several people on staff who enjoy the convenience and healthiness of protein bars, and they were more than happy to sample them for us.

One of our young women has a severe gluten intolerance, and she pronounced the blueberry bars tasty. She said her problem with many of the gluten-free products was no flavor, but the blueberries came through with great flavor.

We have an artist who is almost fanatical about healthy eating to avoid medication for his high blood pressure, and he loved the Toosum bars. I enjoyed one of the cherry and plum bars, and have to say I agree–the flavor and healthiness blended well.

Toosum bars are low-calories, gluten-free snack bars that hit the mark with taste and health. They come in four great flavors with oatmeal as the base: coconut & banana, cranberry & acai, blueberry & Greek yogurt, and cherry & plum.

An interesting sidenote: Toosum is a play on the word “toothsome,” which means “temptingly tasty and delicious.”

The good new is they’re available in health clubs, Kroger grocery stores, and on Amazon and other online retailers. See for details.

They’re a great way to enjoy snacks guilt free!

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