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The Synergetic Strategy

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Programming the brain for peace and calmness.

Story: Dr. Clint Van Nagel and Shannon Kelleigh with John A. Maiorino

The Synergetic Strategy combines proven psychological strategies into one powerful strategy. This combination of strategies allows for the achievement of ultimate calm and peaceful internal states.  The combined psychological strategies include learning theory, operant conditioning, visualization, subvocalization, elements from cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), neurolinguistics, reality therapy, meditation and the Bible. The combination of the procedures from these strategies will give you the ultimate power to influence your mind and body.

Training your brain to be calm and peaceful will reduce the aging process, prevent heart attacks, reduce cortisol and other negative chemicals within the body, reduce impairments, and enhance the immune system, memory, judgment and energy, to name just a few of the benefits. It is important to remember that you have a free will and you can choose to be calm and peaceful.

Level I

Begin each day by looking up immediately upon awakening and saying, “I am calm and peaceful regardless of what happens inside me, around me or in my past, and I will remain calm and peaceful. Amen, Amen, Amen.” Repeat this again before going to sleep. Doing so at these times highly influences the subconscious mind. Continue to repeat the phrase as often as possible throughout the day, at least once per hour, because repetition programs the brain. At the end of the day, if you have practiced the attribution faithfully, give yourself a small reward. Remember, what is rewarded, increases. Set a new goal for yourself each day.

When you do this strategy and are feeling really calm and peaceful, touch the second crease on your index finger to establish an associative or anchoring calm spot. After doing this repeatedly, you will be able to use this “calm spot” in the future to reduce feelings of anxiety or stress. Once established, just touching that spot when you begin to feel stress or anxiety will reduce those negative and unproductive feelings. This technique is called “associative conditioning.” Perform this strategy consistently for 28 days; then go on to Level II to increase the power of the Synergetic Response. Give yourself a nice reward for reaching the 28-day goal.  


  1. Write the attribution on 3-by-5 index cards and place them on your bedpost, bathroom mirror, on the inside of your front door and on your refrigerator to remind yourself of the importance of repeating the attribution frequently. 
  2. Make a paper wristband and wear it on your wrist as another reminder to repeat the attribution often. 
  3. Place a sign on your work desk for the same purpose. Remember, repetition programs the brain.

Level II

In this strategy, you will use physical movement (haptic and kinesthetic movement) to increase the programming of peace and calmness in your brain. Research has shown that the heart is capable of recording memories. Notice that when people are talking about something that is very important or emotional to them, they touch their heart area. We will use this same concept to calm the heart and program peacefulness and calmness in the brain. This will greatly magnify the Synergetic Strategy procedure. 

When you say, “I am calm and peaceful,” touch your heart area.

When you say, “Regardless of what happens to me,” cross your arms and slide your hands down across the outsides of your arms and down past your hands.

When you say, “Inside me,” point to your heart area.

When you say, “Around me,” use your right hand and make a circle around the tip of your head

When you say, “Or my past,” take your right hand and cross it over your head and continue around the back of your head.

Then say, “I am calm and peaceful.  Amen, Amen, Amen.”  (Or, “So be it.”)

This significantly increases the signal strength of the attribution to the brain. Do the Level II strategy for 38 days. Remember to touch your calm spot after saying each attribution. Remember to repeat it before going to sleep and immediately upon awakening, before and after eating anything and as many times as you can throughout the day. Remember, whenever you feel really calm and peaceful, touch your calm spot.  

Always remember: you have the power of choice.

Level III

Synergetic Calm and Peaceful Response Strategy

After you have practiced and understand the basic Synergetic Response for at least 28 to 66 days, you are ready for Level III, which involves the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the whole body, mind and spirit. The procedure begins with your left logical brain, which is going to give you permission to be calm and peaceful. Focus your attention on the left side of your head by imagining an authoritative person such as a parent or teacher saying to you, “It’s OK to be calm and peaceful.” Be sure to make the image or picture big, bright, clear, colorful, detailed and moving, and using a gentle yet powerful voice.  

Immediately following this, focus on the right side of your brain and say, “I am calm and peaceful.”  When doing this, imagine a safe place in nature by water or somewhere that is very peaceful.  Actually, project yourself to be there. Step inside that picture and be there. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel.  

Now that you have the procedure, it is time to apply it to your whole body, mind and spirit. Every night before going to bed, start with your feet and say, “It’s OK to be calm and peaceful. I am calm and peaceful.” Then repeat the attribution with each of the following body parts: knees, thighs and groin area, abdomen, belly button area, heart area, throat area, middle of the forehead and the area above and slightly behind the head.  

When you finish doing this, say to yourself, “(Your name), you did a great job!” You are doing this to release the tension and stress from your whole body. The repetition programs the unconscious mind. If you take your blood pressure before you start the procedure and after you do it, you will notice the difference in your blood pressure. You also will notice the great calm feeling in your body, mind and spirit. You have just reduced the aging process, you have increased mind power and self-control, and you have boosted your immune system.  

Do this procedure every night before going to bed and immediately upon awakening. This is because what you say to yourself just before falling asleep slips more easily into your unconscious, and when you first wake up, your unconscious is more receptive to messages as it is less distracted by daily activities.

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