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The Modern Rejuvenation Power of Ancient Chinese Formulas

Written by Leigh Neely

I received a sample box of these supplements from D’AO Labs, and passed them around among the staff. Everyone had something good to say about whatever they tried.

Personally, I tried Digestive Harmony because I have problems with heartburn and GERD. I found the effervescent powder soothing and restorative. It did help the heartburn and generally made me feel less uncomfortable after eating.

The Emotional Balance was sampled by a couple of staff members. One reported more energy and stamina while the other noticed a definite impact on the stress level.

A staff member’s mother who has problems with lots of allergies is still using the D’AO Labs Immunity Support, finding it did make a difference in how her body responded to allergens.

These are interesting and effective products. They are not unpleasant to drink, and the effervescence adds a little punch, especially if you’re using cool water.

If you’re looking for the inside to feel good so the outside looks and feels better D’AO Labs may have the answers for you. I noticed on their website they will provide complimentary samples, which will definitely help you decide which supplements work best for you. Check it out at and experience the rejuvenating power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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