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The DanceSocks Keep You Moving!

If you do Zumba or Jazzercize, you may find it difficult to get your sneakers to move the way you do. That’s no longer a problem with The DanceSocks! There are two versions–the half socks are made for moving on smooth floors and the full socks fit over sneakers for dancing on carpet.

Two of the younger members of our staff did the sampling, and they love DanceSocks. Both still dance and appreciated the ease of dancing with DanceSocks. They were both familiar with the products and eager to try them. Let’s just say their trials were a huge success!

These great socks make twisting and turning easier and actually reduce injuries to ankles and knees. One size fits all for women or men, and they work well for everything from kickboxing, Wii Just Dance, and every in between.

Depending on how often they’re used, the two-pack of Smooth DanceSocks may last up to six months or longer, depending on wear on the material. Made of sturdy nylon/spandex material, so check the floor to be sure there’s nothing that will tear the material. They’re easy to wash by hand and just let them drip dry.

The half socks come in packs of two or four and the socks that cover your sneakers are sold by the pair. They’re reasonably priced and durable.

Check to see the rainbow of colors offered and start dancing today!


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