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Tetley’s Authentic Southern Iced Tea


People in the South love their sweet tea, and I’m here to recommend a wonderful British tea that makes Authentic Southern Iced Tea.

Tetley makes its tea with the best ingredients from around the world. This includes 12 percent Nilgiri tea that is perfect for iced tea. An aromatic, medium-body tea, it has a natural sweetness that is enhanced after brewing and chilling.

I can tell you this tea is never bitter or cloudy, and according to Tetley, each glass maintains the integrity of Nilgiri. All I can say is it always tastes good and is completely refreshing on a hot Florida day.

Tea is a healthy drink. It’s good for your heart, great to drink before exercising, and it helps fight free radicals according to an article in Time magazine.

Tetley’s Authentic Southern Iced Tea is available at Publix and Walmart. Try some today. I predict you not only won’t be disappointed, you’ll want it every day. Find out more about this tea and Tetley’s other teas at

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