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Ted’s Pain Cream is a Natural

Written by Leigh Neely

Not long ago I received a sample of Ted’s Pain Cream. This is a product of the company Ted’s Brain Science Products. Ted is Dr. Ted Price, who heads up an academic neuroscience research team at the University of Dallas. One of their breakthroughs in research led to the creation of Ted’s Pain Cream.

Made with all-natural ingredients—resveratrol from grape skins and Japanese knotweed along with salicylic acid from wintergreen plants, it is a simple product. It’s said that salicylic acid could be the oldest pain reliever used by humans. Combining it with resveratrol creates a new chemistry that works well for pain.

According to the website, Ted and his team found, after significant research, that applying Ted’s Pain Cream over a period of days lowers the level of nerve pain. While it may take longer to work, the researchers say, it may even lower the level of nerve pain permanently.

As a daily computer user, I’ve had many problems with carpal tunnel syndrome. I even had surgery on my right hand, which is my dominant hand and used most often. As I’ve aged, however, some of that pain has returned, so I was eager to try Ted’s Pain Cream for a product review. I have two simple words for you: it works.

The pain in my wrist is chronic because I have to write so much and am continually using a computer mouse. The pain is gone now, and I keep Ted’s Cream nearby in case it rears its ugly head.

I have no other claims but my own, and I have found Ted’s Pain Cream to be effective in removing the pain from my overused wrist. I’d even recommend you try if you have chronic pain that slows you down.

Get all the information, background of the research, and detail about ingredients at

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  • You’re promoting a product as natural.. you should check the ingredients list again 😩
    Because there’s some toxic chemicals as well. In both formulas.

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