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Take Your Wings to New Heights with Moore’s

Written by Leigh Neely

Grilling season is in full swing with warmer weather and lots of time outdoors. If you enjoy chicken wings, and according to the National Chicken Council, many Americans do, Moore’s Marinades & Sauces has the perfect flavoring, whatever your tastes.

According to the NCC, Americans eat as many as 1.25 billion chicken wings just on Super Bowl Sunday. That around 100 million pounds!

Moore’s Marinades & Sauces make them delicious whatever day you decide to fix them. By choosing skinless wings, you drop the calorie count but not the great flavor. Moore’s has an array of hot sauces, wing sauces, and marinades, and they sent samples to the Healthy Living staff.

Since wings are among our favorite foods, it was no trouble to get samplers. Though the Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing Sauce was a close second, most of us preferred the Original Buffalo Wing Sauce. The Creamy Ranch Buffalo Sauce was good too.

It’s hard to pick a favorite when you have so many choices. To get a look at the complete selection of sauces and marinades, go to and check out all of them. We promise good flavor is on the way once you order them. The site also includes recipes, a blog, and even tips for cleaning your grill.

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