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How to identify your “soul” purpose to live a regret-free life, from author Jennifer Longmore:

  • Be purposeful. When we are purposeful about morning habits, it ripples into other areas of our life. Do your routine every day.
  • Identify leaders you admire. Read their biographies.
  • Flip through magazines. Rip out pages that speak to you, even if you don’t know why, to help identify your passions.
  • Look for people in your life you feel are living on purpose. Question them. Just talking with others will help uncover your own passions.
  • Clear out your unhealthy habits. Put a priority on health. We all know what our bad habits are. Cut them out.
  • Read books on soul purpose, goal achievement, and mindfulness.
  • Start small. Once you have an idea of something you want to achieve, try it—see if you really like it before diving in headfirst.
  • Meet people. Network with people who are doing what you want to do.
  • Make time. Make your purpose a priority. One hour a week, google how to achieve your goal and schedule these steps into your calendar.

Source; The author of “365 Wisdom Bombs” and “88 Universal Laws” and other books, Jennifer Longmore is a corporate and personal life coach. She also is a Reiki master, a past-life regressionist, and an integrated energy therapist.

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