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How to identify your “soul” purpose to live a regret-free life, from author Jennifer Longmore:

Be purposeful. When we are purposeful about morning habits, it ripples into other areas of our life. Do your routine every day.

Identify leaders you admire. Read their biographies.

Flip through magazines. Rip out pages that speak to you, even if you don’t know why, to help identify your passions.

Look for people in your life you feel are living on purpose. Question them. Just talking with others will help uncover your own passions.

Clear out your unhealthy habits. Put a priority on health. We all know what our bad habits are. Cut them out.

Read books on soul purpose, goal achievement, and mindfulness.

Start small. Once you have an idea of something you want to achieve, try it—see if you really like it before diving in headfirst.

Meet people. Network with people who are doing what you want to do.

Make time. Make your purpose a priority. One hour a week, google how to achieve your goal and schedule these steps into your calendar.

Source;The author of “365 Wisdom Bombs” and “88 Universal Laws” and other books, Jennifer Longmore is a corporate and personal life coach. She also is a Reiki master, a past-life regressionist, and an integrated energy therapist.

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