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Take a hike!

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As the summer season is upon us, more and more Americans are turning to hiking to reconnect with the great outdoors and get some exercise. With the popularity of hiking rising, CBS recently reported that getting lost was the No. 1 issue among new hikers.

The most important hiking safety tips:

  • While most smartphones have a compass function, they can run low on battery. A physical compass will never let a hiker down.
  • Always let someone know where you are going to hike and where you end up parking. In the event that you get lost, your loved one will know where to start looking.
  • A prepared hiker is a safe hiker. Water, a blanket, dry socks, a whistle, and a lighter should always be in a hiker’s bag.
  • If you get lost, stay put. This is especially true at night.

Used with permission of Brazos Walking Sticks, Warren Owen, director,

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