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Start the Day with Cold Brew Butter Coffee

Written by Leigh Neely

Here’s an easy way to enjoy your cold coffee. You buy juice in boxes for the kids, and now you can enjoy your favorite brew with Grass Fed Coffee in boxes for you to enjoy. It’s the butter coffee everybody’s talking about.

We received samples at the office and have really enjoyed them. I added a little sweetener to mine, but the rich flavor of the coffee and the convenience of the recyclable boxes made it just a little sweeter to enjoy. We have a cold-coffee lover in our office, and she gave it two thumbs up.

The company was founded by John “Sonic” Ban, who is from Indianapolis, but moved to Los Angeles and started a food truck business. He also enjoys fitness, and he loved butter coffee, a healthier way to get energy.

After working diligently to provide the best ingredients, John launched Grass Fed Coffee, and the launch campaign in December 2015 broke the record for “highest Funded Non-Alcoholic Beverage Project on Kickstarter” ever.

Check out to get all the information, and get your own energy boost with Grass Fed Coffee Cold Brew Butter Coffee.

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