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Skinny Elixir for Good Health and Weight Loss

Written by Leigh Neely

Though a cleanse is always good for the body, there is an easier and possibly more effective way to give your body’s fat-burning capabilities a boost–Skinny Elixir. This twice-a-day supplement will complement what you plan to do long-term with a healthy diet and exercise. It not only raises your energy level, it sends your metabolism into overdrive. It’s also raw, organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

All you have to do is drink two eight-ounce bottles of the Elixir Tea 30 minutes before you eat twice daily. However, it is recommended that you do this before breakfast and lunch because it does contain a bit of caffeine. Green Coffee Extract is the key ingredient, which you know is a highly concentrated source of Chlorogenic Acid. This powerful antioxidant makes the body burn stored fat for energy and prevents the body from further storing fat. An added benefit is it stabilizes blood sugar.

The two flavors are Raw Berry and Raw Green Tea. Our staff found it unpleasant to drink. In fact, one staff member especially loves the Raw Green Tea. She was already on a diet and exercise program and has found drinking the Elixir even more helpful in weight loss. Remember, everything you eat turns to glucose, which is why so many foods are unhealthy in large portions for those who are diabetic. That extra glucose in your body becomes fat, and the Chlorogenic Acid blocks excess glucose.

I preferred the Raw Berry tea and found it an easy way to drink a fat burner.

It’s that easy. Drink two eight-ounce bottles daily and burn fat while reducing the size of fat cells and getting a sustained boost of energy along with a kick in the metabolism.


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