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SCULPT Anti Cellulite Cupping

We all worry about cellulite. As a woman of a certain age, I tend to avoid raising my arms in public, and I refuse to get too honest about my thighs. However, I did find this product easy to use and effective in toning and reducing cellulite, especially in my thighs. Lure Essentials SCULPT is intended to remove fluid and toxins from the lymphatic system, which can be vital for some women, especially those who have faced cancer surgery that affected the lymph nodes.

I received the three-cup kit from Lure Essentials SCULPT and have been using it for almost a month. While I have seen a difference in my thighs, it may take a while longer to see the difference I want in my arms. I use coconut oil as the base to help the cups move easily across the skin. The suction is strong, but not painful, and it’s quite easy to use the cups right after a shower or bath or just before bedtime. Actually, going through the process before bedtime as it is very relaxing. Your skin feels refreshed and warm like your blood is flowing better.

You simply coat the area you wish to sculpt with olive oil, a massage oil, or coconut oil as I use. Push to create suction and rub it around the area for 10-15 minutes or even less. There’s no exercise or exertion, just comfortable massage with the cup. This is a way to help make your body toned and healthy, to contour places that stand to you, and to detox your lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. On the medical side of things, this process increases circulation and Qi (CHI) energy to reduce inflammation, help with muscle and joint paint and restore fascia or connective tissue. It even accelerates muscle recovery time when you have painful pulled muscle.

My daughter suffers from severe migraines. She was very excited to see the small suction cup because her doctor had recommended using it for aiding in pain relief. She says it works well and is thrilled to be able to use something that doesn’t involve taking the strong drugs normally needed. Again, I think it may be the relaxing of the skin and the release of fluid from pockets where the pain is. I am not a doctor; I’m just relaying what she shared with me about using it.

What’s exciting is the number of products available from Lure to help with various ways to make your body better from the comfort of your home. Kits include Advantage Biomedic Chinese Cupping Set, Bliss Face Cupping and Anti Cellulite Cups, Glam Face and Eye Cupping Sets, and Stella Cellulite Cups in gold and silver for the holidays! You must go to and see all the products they offer. As a special incentive, many of the products are on sale RIGHT NOW, so check it quickly.

I recommend these products for their convenience, the pleasure of a massage at home that not only helps you feel better but helps tone your body.

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