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SafetyTat Keeps Kids Safe

When I received the three-pack of temporary tattoos from SafetyTat, I immediately thought of my six-year-old grandson. He has a peanut allergy, and I knew these delightful tattoos would help his parents inform others. He carries a backpack with an epi-pen, but this would add another layer of protection.

I called my son, and he immediately ordered some. His wife posted a picture of our little’s guy’s arm on Facebook with his first tattoo, and her page exploded with comments mostly asking where other parents could get SafetyTats for their children.

Like every good idea, there’s a story behind it. Founder Michelle Welsh felt overwhelmed by people at a family outing in an amusement park. She cautioned her children repeatedly to stay close, but she also wrote her cell phone number on their arms. When other parents asked about the numbers, she explained she’d written it on their arms in case parents and children got separated. All agreed it was a great idea.

SafetyTat not only has temporary tattoos but Anywhere Labels that can stick on anything to identify who it belongs to or what’s inside. These are especially helpful when you pack school lunches. Children have always had a tendency to trade food, but that can be dangerous for the child with the food allergy. With the labels in place, those monitoring children in the cafeteria know which ones should enjoy their own lunch only.

There are also Water-Applied tats that are preprinted and can last up to five days. Add to that Write-on Tats and you’re all set. However, Michelle doesn’t stop there. You can also custom design tattoos so they’re unique for your family. They can even add an avatar likeness of your child.

Prices are reasonable, running $6.99 to $20.99 and shipping is just $1 per item. Check out these wonderful child protectors at or and be ready for your next adventure or to keep your child safe enough to attend a friend’s birthday party without worry.

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