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Run into the Night with Run Lites

Healthy Living recently received a pair of Slings and a pair of short gloves from RunLites, both of which use the patented LED units that are interchangeable with any RunLites products.

A staff member’s fiance, who’s an avid runner, tried them out for us and gave both the Slings and the gloves two thumbs up. The lights are bright and make it easy and safe to run at night. This is very beneficial because living in Central Florida means often it doesn’t cool down until after the sun sets.

The LEDs last 8-10 hours on a single change, and the amazing light projects up to 40 feet in front of you. That makes it easy for you to see where you’re going and for others to see where you are.

The Slings can be worn over your hand or with the gloves if you already have gloves you prefer. RunLites knows how important it is to get in that daily run, even if it is at night. It’s not surprising to learn these safety lights were created by a single mother whose concerns for herself and her children brought out the innovative desire in her.

These lights also are great for cyclists, dog walkers, hikers, and anyone who enjoys being safe while outdoors at night. See for more information.

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