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Resveratrol for Longevity

Written by Leigh Neely

As I have no idea how long I’m supposed to live, I’m pleased to know that by using Resveratrol, I’ve activated my longevity gene and should live longer. It sounds exciting. I have always had plans to be a great-grandmother, so this works right into them.

I do know since I’ve been taking Resveratrol, I feel good, and my hair and nails are great. This great product, made with proprietary TriActiv Technology, is different in that it offers support at the cellular level. It’s made from organic French red wine grapes grown and harvested in organic vineyards. Added to that is the active and stable polyphenol from wild Japanese Knotweed. This plant with the odd name has a higher concentration of trans-Resveratrol than red wine, which we all know is good for you.

The grapes used in this supplement are certified by Agriculture Biologique as organically grown. The supplement also includes organic muscadine grapes and Quercetin, a bioflavonoid that gives even more antioxidant support.

Scientists have told us for years that free radicals attack cells all the time. Resveratrol 500 mg has an advanced delivery system that sustains release for up to four hours. It delivers a triple blend of trans-resveratrol compounds that dissolve at different speeds. The polyphenol extract comes from seeds, stems, and the skin of organic French red wine grapes and muscadine grapes.

To sum it up, this is a supplement that is very good for you. If you’re like me and don’t find the pleasure in red wines that many people do, it’s a great way to get the same or possibly better elements…and you only take one pill a day.

Again, I can’t testify to living longer, but I can tell you this is a helpful, organic supplement that is good for you and those little cells that run throughout your body.

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