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Phyter Energy Bars are Worth Fighting for

When I receive a food item for review, I tend to pass it out to the staff so I can get opinions and have a well-rounded review. Though this review is from the opinions of nine people, it was unanimous–these are delicious energy bars.

From our health-conscious creative director who eats only whole food to our junk-food loving managing editor (me), we all agreed these were among the best energy bars we’ve eaten. Perhaps it’s because they’re not from a big corporation with a large research group behind their products. Phyter Energy Bars come from a health and wellness company called Healthful Habits. They’re made from simple ingredients with an uncomplicated manufacturing process, and they’re made to taste good.

This is plant-based nutrition that must be refrigerated because all the ingredients are fresh, and you taste that freshness in every bite. Whether you order them online at or you’re lucky enough to find them in your favorite grocery store, they will be refrigerated. Their shelf life is limited because of the pure ingredients that are used with no preservatives or stabilizers.

Many products are labeled “healthy” and “good for you,” but when you know you’re eating bars made with whole foods and nothing else, you know you’re doing something good for your body.

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