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Nothing Soothes like a Mindful Zebra Bath

For many women, a both is a sanctuary, a place to relax and simply enjoy the moment. But a bath can do so much more than that if you use the right products–like the safe, nontoxic products from Mindful Zebra. They are designed to invigorate your body, restore your mind, and bring the relaxation needed in a busy life.

The sample we received was Mindful Zebra Detox. This is a blend of pure Bentonite clay and Dead Sea salt that is scented with frankincense and myrrh. While you’re bathing and removing toxins from your skin, the scent helps you feel calm and peaceful.

Though there was a slight feel of sand in the tub, it was obviously doing something my skin thoroughly enjoyed. I came out of the bath refreshed and feeling a tingle of freshness that stayed with me.


In addition to the Detox bath, there’s Rose Milk Bath that is great for dry skin, especially in winter. The Energy blend uses ginger powder and Dead Sea salt scented with orange to help you sweat and eliminate toxin while the aroma of the orange and ginger increases energy.

For a restful night, try Sleep, a pure blend of Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt that is scented with lavender and frankincense to relieve muscle tension, ease anxiety, and end your battle with insomnia.

Check out all these products at and take the time to enjoy a bath, not just take one.

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