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Vitamins often leave an after-taste or upset the stomach. That’s not a worry with Passion 4 Life, the natural, whole-food based liquid vitamins and minerals. A one-ounce dose of Passion 4 Life is a quick and easy way to take your vitamins. Because it is liquid, up to 98 percent of that dosage is absorbed within three minutes of ingestion. 98 percent!

Aloe Vera is the base of the product along with 74 trace minerals, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, and more. What’s missing is not needed–sugar, gluten, caffeine, and artificial flavors or sweetners.

Our office manager takes vitamins regularly, so I asked her to be my sampler for this product. She said within two days she could tell a difference in how she felt; her mind was clearer and she lost that sluggish feeling. “I love Passion 4 Life because I could really tell a difference,” she says. “I will continue to use it because I missed a couple of days and felt the difference that quickly.”

Not only does it work well if you find vitamin pills difficult to swallow, you can choose how you want to take it. Put an ounce in a small glass and drink it down. While the taste is not unpleasant, there are those prefer to enjoy it in their morning juice.

Passion 4 Life was created by Charles Van Kessler, who grew up in an orphanage in Holland after Nazis took his family. When he made it to America in 1964, he began taking handfuls of vitamins to improve his health as he still struggled to overcome problems caused by malnutrition. After making nutrition study a life goal, he created an amazing liquid product with 135 whole-food based ingredients that tasted good and was easily absorbed by the body.

In reading the testimonials from users, I found Regis Philbin takes it every day, and it’s easy to see he’s still going strong at 86.

See for details and complete information. According to my office manager, it’s the only vitamin she’ll ever take again.

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