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Julie’s Real Food is Real Good!

Most of us think everything we eat that’s good for us tastes bad. And most of the time, we’re absolutely right. However, Julie’s Real has changed all that. This food has all-natural ingredients and can be eaten with pleasure by those who need gluten-free food or those on the Paleo Diet.

Julie’s Real offers grain-free granolas that are–to use the technical term–yummy! They really are delicious, and I have received that same word from everyone on my staff. The same goes for the Almond and Cashew Butters. To a person, I was told it was very, very good.

These products are crafted in small batches using real vanilla beans and sweetened with a bit of real honey. When you read the ingredients list, it’s short and easy to understand.

One young woman on our staff has severe gluten intolerance. She can only eat small amounts of designated foods at regular intervals. She came to me almost crying because she was so thrilled with how good the granola and almond butter were. She is very happy to find a product she can eat with no fear of a negative reaction.

I feel I’m just repeating myself, but if you’re into the Paleo Diet or need to consume gluten-free food, check out these products immediately. They not only satisfy the craving for something that tastes good–they’re good for you.

See what’s available at for Cacao Coconut and Cinnamon Vanilla Bean grain-free granola, and find the same flavors in the cashew and almond butters. Do yourself a favor and order today!


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