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Honor thy mother

Written by Theresa Campbell

Morning, noon, and night, Albert Nuhfer is there for his mom.

Among the different jobs Albert Louis Nuhfer has had, a couple stand out the most: he caddied on the road with the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour, and along with his mother, the two served as museum caretakers at the National Society of Colonial Dames in New York in the 1980s.

“Mom was always a big influence on my life,” says Albert, 65, who now spends many hours every day by his mother’s side at the long-term care facility where she resides.

Albert makes a point to be at Avante at Mount Dora for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner so he can feed meals to Ana Nuhfer, 92, the Colombian native who became a widow at 40.

“You narrow it down to the fifth commandment where it says honor thy father, honor thy mother,” he says, adding that his niece, Jessica Hutchins, great-nieces Alexis Elliott and Elizabeth Oliver, and great-nephew Jonathon Oliver visit his mom regularly, too.

When Ana became ill in 2011, Albert left Miami for Mount Dora to be his mother’s caregiver for four years before she went to Avante with an irregular heartbeat and dementia issues.

“Mom has been a tough trouper all of her life,” Albert says, recalling he was 14 and his brother, Patrick, was a 4-month-old baby when their Cuban father, a three-pack-a-day smoker, died at 59. “Smoking is what killed him; he had a spot on his lung.”

Albert and his brother, now a flight attendant in Hawaii, never smoked as a result. Albert also strives to eat right and he rides his bike daily for exercise.

“I stopped drinking sodas about four-and-a-half years ago and drink water,” he says, which he believes had a role in his 65-pound weight loss.

“I always loved my mom’s cooking,” he says, reflecting on earlier years. “My favorite dish was yellow rice and chicken. Mom would put a can of beer in there to give it a little kick, a little spice.”

Today, special treats are fried chicken and spaghetti at Avante.

“When they have those on the menu, I make reservations to eat here,” says Albert, who turns 66 on Christmas Day.

*Sadly, Ana Nuhfer passed away on Nov. 8, 2018.

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Theresa Campbell

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