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The new blood pressure guidelines have been in the news a lot lately, reflecting the belief that changes in lifestyle and eating habits work as well or better than medication. This study, the first in 14 years according to the American Heart Association, lowers the reading that indicates high blood pressure. The old numbers were 140/90, but now 130/80 is considered the point where diet change or medication is recommended. The study also eliminated a category, prehypertension, that has been identified since 2003, the AHA says. According to a news release, this should be reflected in a 14 percent increase in those diagnosed with high blood pressure, so earlier intervention may mean fewer problems with heart attack and stroke due to high blood pressure. Getting your blood pressure checked is easy and painless. Most pharmacies and grocery stores have machines onsite for testing and will give you information about your blood pressure readings. These stores include Publix, Walgreens, and CVS.

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