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Help Yourself with StandStand

Check the January issue of Healthy Living, and you’ll find our department “Health Matters” had a brief from the Mayo Clinic on the value of standing to work at your desk.

I have found something that works even better. You can stand to do work at your computer anywhere with the StandStand, the portable standing desk. It’s small, easy to assemble and take apart, and fits into your laptop bag without a problem.

It’s sturdy and gives you the pleasure of working at a picnic table in the park or on your lanai or patio at home. You stand, get your work done, and feel better when you get on with your day.

The little wooden desk weighs less than most laptops and literally takes seconds to assemble–even for someone like me who has trouble putting a flattened cardboard box together in the right way.

The finish is nice and smooth, and you can order your desk in bamboo or birch and in various sizes. There are permanent ones to hold your desktop computer, but the smaller one is great if you like working outdoors, at your favorite coffee bar, or doing research in the library.

The desk is sturdy enough that you feel safe with your computer on top, and the StandStand Grand has room for keyboard, mouse, and up to two monitors. No reason for back pain from sitting too long anymore.

Whether you’re on the go or at your desk all day, enjoy the benefits and better health of standing to work with a StandStand desk (


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