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Healthy Nutrition in Your Water from BPI Sports

“Just squeeze and go” is their slogan, and it’s the truth. These great products from BPI Sports go right into your water and not only give it great taste, they give you a dose of amino acids, an energy boost, carnitine to burn fat and support performance, and promote weight loss.

Created out of a “desire to be a better version of ourselves,” according to their website, BPI has an array of nutritional products to help you reach whatever goal you’re striving for.

The Healthy Living staff tried all of these products and found them not only tasty and nutritious but true to their word.

Best Aminos, Best Energy, Best Carnitine, and Garcinia will enhance your workout and increase performance. Each product comes in two flavors and all you need to is add a squirt to your water and go.

Check out all the performance-enhancing products on their website: bpisports.com to make every workout effective and productive.


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