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Granny Jo Knows How to Help

There comes a time when those dear to us or even we need a little help with some things. Granny Jo Products for Dignity and Independence has made doing those little things a lot easier.

A tremor in the hands makes drinking challenging and maybe even embarrassing at times. When Ganny Jo’s double-handled mug, that problem is solved, and a drink is enjoyed without worry.

If you’re taking care of a parent or aging loved one, you want them to be comfortable and able to do as much as they can without aid. This gives them a feeling of independence and assures them they’re appreciated and loved.

Granny Jo has found a variety of ways to make that happen. For example, the PEP or portable extra pocket so you always have your phone handy.

I may be using the napkin clips that were included with my samples. I can never go to a Mexican restaurant without getting salsa on the front of my shirt. The napkin clips would work perfectly.

Fl. Aug 9, 2011. Photo/ David Mills

Kidding aside, the napkin clips and adult bibs are valuable tools for helping keep clothes clean and avoiding situations that might lead to embarrassment.

Granny Jo products also include a bath cape for easier drying and even warm capes and ponchos for those who are always chilling.

Check out all of Granny Jo’s Products at and help your elderly loved one or friend keep the dignity and independence they love.

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