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It can be hard to stay on a healthy track sometimes. If you’re looking for motivation to get back to a fitness routine, health and fitness experts at Xyngular have these starter tips:

Pick a manageable timeframe. When you are reevaluating your goals, make short- and long-term objectives. Choose a timeframe that allows you to complete the goal. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, assume it will take months rather than weeks. If you set an inappropriate timeframe, you’ll frustrate yourself and may give up.

Celebrate smaller goals as well as larger ones. Break larger goals into smaller, more attainable ones. As you reach mini-milestones, you’ll gain motivation and momentum to keep moving forward. Reward yourself when reaching a new goal. In order to lose 30 pounds, set a goal to lose 10. Step one might be exercising three times a day; the second step could be eating recommended fruits and vegetables daily; and the third step could be working meal replacement shakes into your diet.

Set aside time. It’s easy to get caught up in little tasks and not progress toward larger goals. Set aside time every day for your goals. Write a schedule or verbally commit to it.

Monitor progress. Keep track of progress as you work toward goals. This is especially important for long-term goals. When you know hard work is helping you progress toward your goal, you’ll stay focused.

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