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Florida’s Heat Is Bearable with Sweat-o-Pause

Written by Leigh Neely

I’ve been attending the football games of my grandsons recently, and that’s not a big thing–unless you’re doing it in smothering humid heat of Florida. Sitting on those bleachers with the sun beating down on you can be unbearable unless you know what to do to keep cool.

I received a sample scarf from Sweat-o-Pause, beautiful scarves originally designed to help women deal with hot flashes. I’m a little past that stage (thank goodness), but as a Florida resident, I know about dealing with heat. These lovely accessories to your wardrobe will make a big difference in how you feel. The Coolcore technology is chemical free and never washes out.

These scarves, which can also be worn as headbands, actually get cold when you wet them. No, I’m not making this up. You wrap or tie this cool, soothing scarf around you neck, and you entire body feels cooler. In fact, these scarves are proven to cool your body down 30 percent below skin temperature.

You can wear them tied around you neck, as a headband, or as a wristband. To keep it handy, tie it to your purse, so it’s right there when the need arises. Get all the information and see the lovely designs at and pick yours out today.




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