Finding the right fit for fitness

Yoga and fitness clothing is a big market, but most sales are online.

Clothing for yoga and fitness this year has five distinctive styles, according to yogiapproved.com. The website for yoga enthusiasts likes dance-inspired activewear, matching solid colors, high-slit palazzo pants, leotards, and velour. Yes, velour, the soft jogging suits that everyone loved, are back and stylish.

There are many brands of fitness and yoga wear, and an online search will lead you to whatever you need. Whether you are a runner, aerobics aficionado, or weightlifter, there’s an outfit to make you look great and feel good while doing it.

However, probably the most popular item for fitness or leisure wear is yoga pants. They move with you, and come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Lindsey White, who lives in Eustis, is an affiliate for two vendors: Legging Girls and My LaLa Leggings. Most are under $20, and she has sizes up to 5XL.

“I’ve been selling them for about a year,” Lindsey says. “I also teach yoga—power yoga and Binyasa yoga, along with yoga for seniors.”

Lindsey says she was attracted to the two legging brands because she found the more expensive ones did not hold up as well for her. You can go to Chickens & Yoga, Lindsey’s Facebook page, to reach her. However, if you live in Leesburg, Tavares, Clermont, or Mascotte, there are also affiliates there. Just go the legginggirl.com and click on “Find Affiliates.”

“I tend to wear what’s comfortable,” Lindsey says. “I think they want to come back with roll-down waist leggings, and they can fall down when doing certain positions.”

Lindsey’s yoga partner most of the time is her gold wing bantam rooster named Daniel. He lives indoors with Lindsey and her family and is a wonderful pet.

“My big biker husband rocks him to sleep every night,” says Lindsey, who also has about 30 chickens and a full-size rooster, so she sells fresh eggs, too—white or brown.

Before getting into yoga, Lindsey was a rodeo rider. She heard yoga could improve her riding, and it did. After breaking her back in a fall from a horse, she eventually left the rodeo circuit and now does yoga full-time.

Fitness clothing styles are about fashion and flexibility. It’s easy to see why men and women wear the stylish clothing everywhere these days.

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