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DooDoo Juice Makes it Better

I have to say I cringe every time I saw DooDoo Juice, but I am always happy after I use it. This stuff is fantastic for leaving a pleasant odor in the bathroom. It’s all natural and 50 cents from the sale of each bottle is donated to Doo Good things in the community.

Jill Brown is the owner of the innovative company and the creator of DooDoo Juice. You just use four to six sprays before sitting down and no one knows when you go. DooDoo Juice leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent that doesn’t offend anyone.

I’ve used this product many times since receiving the sample and can recommend it without hesitation. If you live in close quarters, are at work, sharing a hotel room, or even at home, no one will know when you go. As Jill says, “Honestly, I want to be the first toilet odor spray that comes to mind, not No. 2 (no pun intended).”

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