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Dew Puff Skin Care

These lovely little sponges work wonders on your face, making you feel clean and refreshed every time you use one. Dew Puff comes in three types to be sure your skin gets what it needs when for cleaning–Original (for all skin types), Asian Clay (for dry and aging skin), and Bamboo Charcol ( for blemish-prone skin).

When you open your sponge, you’ll find it a bit hard. No worries, just add water and it becomes soft and gentle and makes your face tingle with cleanliness. The Original puff is made with 100 percent natural konjac fiber, which breaks down dirt, absorbs impurities, and promotes circulation for healthier skin. The sponges are biodegradable and compostable–recycle and reuse! You can use just the sponge or use it with your favorite cleanser.

The Asian Clay Dew Puff is a modern version of the ancient Asian secret of beauty. These konjac-based sponges have been used for facial cleansing for many generations. Using this Dew Puff not only makes your skin feel great, it also prevents damage and small tears in the skin.

Like the other sponges, the Bamboo Charcol Dew Puff cleans and exfoliates so that your skin stays naturally hydrated. There are no chemicals or additives, just a soft puff that gives your skin a healthy glow and removes impurities.

Check out all their products at and find what fits your skin’s needs.

I recommend these products highly. They last around three months and easily dry out when hung in the shower or bath. That means they’re fresh and ready for the next time. Do your skin a favor–use a Dew Puff regularly.

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