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Cupid’s Candy Calmity


Cupid’s favorite holiday is right around the corner. This Valentine’s Day millions of people will send their loved ones sweet treats. However, dentists have some tips to protect your teeth during the day of love. 

1) Limit candy consumption. Each time you eat a piece of candy, your teeth undergo an acid attach for as long as 20 minutes. When the enamel on your teeth loses minerals this way, it can create white spots and eventually soft spots that lead to cavities.

2) If you must eat candy, do it directly after meals. When you eat food it increases saliva consumption in your mouth, keeping membranes moist and bacteria at bay. Saliva also bathes the teeth in minerals and nutrients, keeping enamel strong. So, when you eat candy after a meal, all of that extra saliva helps wash sticky sugar from the teeth.

3) Avoid hard and sticky candies that can harm dental crowns and bridges. Hard candy can chip or crack porcelain, and caramels and candies with gooey centers can tug on crowns and bridges. All should be avoided.

4) Be mindful of braces and aligners. Hard candies can break wires and brackets, and super chewy and sticky candies can get lodged there.

These tips came from a group of dentists and orthodontists to help you keep your teeth safe while enjoying Valentine’s Day treat. Used with permission.

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