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Comprehensive Retina Consultants: A curious intellect and a caring heart

Written by Healthy Living

Dr. Shalesh Kaushal brings a curious intellect and a caring heart to his patients at Comprehensive Retina Consultants in The Villages. It is a rare combination that began with a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University. He progressed from there to an M.D. from Johns Hopkins and then a Ph.D. earned at MIT with a Nobel Laureate. This clinician/scientist spent years adding to his extensive training and experience, conducting research and treating patients around the country before coming to Florida in 2002.

He founded several biotech companies, pioneered the use of new medications to help treat retinal disorders, and was the first to use several new diagnostic instruments and techniques in the field of vision health in Florida and across the country. 

Along the way, he developed a treatment philosophy that brings a unique and effective dimension to his retina practice. His belief? Start first with the overall health of the patient. Why? “Because nearly every human disease manifests itself in the retina.” He goes on to explain, “The retina has the largest blood supply per unit volume in the body and is extremely metabolically active. Changes, like inflammation, oxidative stress, for example, that occur in the body can be transmitted to the retina by the systemic circulation.” 

Retina problems are serious and challenging, Dr. Kaushal says. This alone keeps him inspired to help his patients.

“Mechanical problems are one thing; retinal detachments, tears, macular puckers, holes and trauma require surgery or laser to fix these problems. We perform all those procedures and more. But most of the patients I see with chronic diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and many inherited diseases, have a need for a biochemical component in their treatment. Much of my study, and certainly my passion, involves the thoughtful, evidence-based use of nutraceuticals in combination with pharmaceuticals to treat diseases at their root cause. This way, we’re improving the patient’s overall health, which directly impacts the retina and vision.”

Dr. Kaushal’s treatment philosophy encompasses local treatment of the retina but incorporates the significant impact of a person’s overall nutritional status that is vitally important to eye health. For example, broccoli contains a substance—sulforophane—that studies have shown to be profoundly protective of the retina, brain, and heart. Why are we not eating more broccoli? Broccoli costs pennies on the dollar and is not patentable. Further, nutraceutical companies don’t have the marketing budget that pharmaceutical companies have. And that is only one example. There are many more.

Dr. Kaushal customizes treatments for his patients that merge nutritional biochemistry, advanced diagnostics, and cutting-edge retinal care. He is one of the recognized leaders in this area and has been invited nationally and internationally to share his insights, approaches and research. Multiple instruments in his Villages office are the first of their kind in the U.S. How does he maintain such a busy schedule and stay on top of all his practice requires? What keeps him going? 

“I intensely enjoy taking care of patients. To me, it is an honor and blessing to help them every day. After some time, my patients are my friends. Separately, I also am passionate about science, developing novel clinical trials and keeping up-to-date on the latest developments in my field and other areas of biomedical research. In this way, I can give my patients the best possible treatment for their retinal disorder.”

The Villages // 1501 N US Hwy 441, Bldg 1100, Suite 1106 // 352.775.1010       Inverness // 203 S. Seminole Ave. // 352.794.1500

The Villages // 1501 N US Hwy 441, Bldg 1100, Suite 1106 // 352.775.1010       Inverness // 203 S. Seminole Ave. // 352.794.1500

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