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Beauty blunders

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Taking care of your skin is a year-round need, but summer may call for a little extra attention.

Story: Bridget Webber

Each season triggers unique beauty blunders, but summer foul-ups can be more embarrassing than most. Without due care, you might be red-faced, not just from sunburn, but because of mortifying mistakes you should avoid.

Forgetting sunscreen

It’s not that sunny out so you don’t need sunscreen, right? Wrong! According to tanning experts, you can procure a lobster face even on a cloudy day in winter. 

Mist, fog, and clouds hold back only 13 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. You need to wear SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen all year. If you don’t, the result can be wrinkles, dryness, age spots, and skin cancer.

Make a habit of applying an SPF 20 sunscreen every morning. Should you find you’ve forgotten, you can hydrate your skin with a healing moisturizer containing natural ingredients like aloe or lavender. Avoid moisturizers with petroleum since they trap heat.

Streaky makeup

Hot summer weather plays havoc with makeup, resulting in ugly drips, clumps, and streaks. Sweat and sunshine make keeping your cosmetics smudge-proof challenging. 

Luckily, you can avoid heat-related makeup mishaps by changing your cosmetic application routine. Start with primer, which will provide a smooth base. When it’s dry, apply a light-tinted moisturizer.

If you need blusher, consider your skin’s texture when selecting the best type for you. A powdered variety is suitable if your skin is oily; if dry, use cream.

Also, if you usually use a waterproof mascara and don’t intend to swim, give your eyelashes a break. Waterproof mascara’s harsh chemicals dehydrate lashes. Disturbingly, they can fall out if you use water-resistant products on them often. Try a vitamin-enriched moisturizing version instead. If you’re not sure it will withstand the heat, wear it at home in the garden to find out if it stays put before going out in public.

Dry hair

During the summer months, it’s likely you’ll venture outdoors for a swim. Chlorine and ultraviolet rays destroy hair, leaving it damaged and brittle. If your hair is lighter after you’ve been in the sun or swum in a chlorinated pool, it’s already impaired. 

Additionally, salt from the sea will make your hair extra dry. The solution is to use a water-resistant color-protection product. After swimming, remove harmful residue from your hair with a hair-care cleanser.

Heavy makeup

If you want to look young and fresh in summer, wear less makeup. Drop the use of lower-lash eyeliner; putting too much makeup under your eyes will highlight bags.

Also, never apply bronzer over your entire face imagining it looks like a tan. It’s too shiny and will create a stark contrast between the skin on your neck and face. For a sun-kissed, healthy-looking glow, apply it to your cheekbones, forehead, and chin.

Summer beauty blunders can spoil your fun in the sun. 

Be wise to the mistakes people make with their skin, cosmetics, and hair during the hottest months of the year. Wear sunscreen to defend your skin from premature aging and disease. 

Protect your hair from the heat, too, and avoid streaky makeup and don’t be heavy-handed with its application. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the good weather when you know all eventualities are covered.

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