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Be Sure to Pack Right for Your Ears!

Ever dread a long flight becasue of issues with “ear popping?” Next time you’re flying high be sure to take along EarPlanes, the ear plugs designed especially to combat the effects of ear pressure during flight. These tiny ear plugs are made from all natural material. They’re small and discreet and affordable. They’re almost priceless in how they help beat the pain and pressure of changes during flights.

Our staff travel writer recently used them during a long flight to Hungary. Not only did they help with the pressure, but they reduced the noise level from a crying baby nearby so the writer could sleep. It’s hard enough to sleep on a plane, but loud noises are especially disturbing.

For those of you who enjoy putting pressure on your ears in the swimming pool, there’s an answer for that too. ClearEars pull water out of your ears and keep away the dreaded “swimmer’s ear” that often spoils fun in the pool.

Both of these products are available from Cirrus Healthcare Products at and are inexpensive so you can buy several.

One other things I feel I must tell you, there’s no need to throw the ear plugs away once you’ve finished using them. Becasue they’re made from all natural products, you just cut them into small pieces and bury them in soil. They’re go back to the land.

Bet you’re glad to hear that!


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