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Animal Crackers from Good Zebra

Written by Leigh Neely

Need an afternoon pick-me-up that makes you feel like you’re eating for fun rather than being good? Try Good Zebra Spirit Animal Crackers. Not only are the delightfully shaped cookies fun, they are delicious. Every product reviewed on this site is tested by one or more people on our staff, and we all enjoyed an afternoon break with animal crackers.

First, the shapes of these crackers are beautiful. They are inspired by original tattoo art and reflect a spirit animal that may touch your soul, uplift your spirits, and empower you throughout the day. Though they’re not sugary cookies by any means, the flavor is very good even though there’s no refined sugar and the protein level is high. Also, I have to say I personally enjoyed the big crunch every time I bit into a cookie.

Good Zebra says it is a company that intentionally embraces black and white. There is no gray area when it comes to preparation of their products. The animal crackers are naturally sweetened with organic honey along with 12g of protein, and they’re free and wild. The flavors are chai, vanilla, and lemon. Check them out at

Who knows? You may feel the spirit of the beloved animal inhabit you and give you a joyous and productive day!

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