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All-Natural Soap is a Winner

The sample of Green Goo Cinnamon & Aloe soap I received was an immediate hit in the ladies room at the office. Not only did the wonderful cinnamon smell enhance the room, but the soap itself makes you want to stand and wash your hands for hours. We had no problem getting in the recommended 20 seconds for good, clean hands.

This soap is made by Sierra Sage, a female-owned company that prides itself on using all-natural and organic ingredients in their soaps and salves. They do have foaming liquid soap but I recommend the bar because of the intense scent and the way it makes your hands feel.

This soap goes through a 35-day cold process to ensure it’s gentle on your skin, lasts a long time, and generally brightens your spirit. I testify that it does all three.

The soap feels wonderful on your skin, and it obvious that it’s enriched with luxurious oils and meant to help your skin, not dry it out or make it feel rough. And you leave the sink or tub feeling extra clean and fresh.

The soaps, salves, and sets are moderately priced and meant to enhance your personal body routine. They have a natural deodorant bar, products for first aid, and a variety of wonderful herbs to make the soaps promote healing as well as a sense of pride in taking care of your skin.

Check out to view all the products available from Sierra Sage and take a nice soak once your soap arrives.


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