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Alchemi Sun Hats Are Made for Florida

The Expedition Hat worked beautifully.

With the days getting longer and hotter, it’s time to begin adding sun protection when you’re outside, especially if you enjoy being in the sun. James, one of our Healthy Living writers, is an avid hiker and walker, and he recently took the Alchemi Sun Hat out for a test hike. He returned with a jubilant, “It works!”

Alchemi Labs, a pioneer in sun protection gear, has designed their hats so the wearer feels cool, comfortable, and protected. Alchemi Sun Hats reflect heat waves from the sun rather than absorb the heat and they block 99.8 percent of skin-damaging UV rays.

James said he was cooler, sweated less, and enjoyed his walk more. The moisture-wicking sweatband on the Expedition Hat he wore also helps along with the ventilation aids.

Anyone can wear any of the hats, which also include the River Hat, Desert Hat, Sun Cap, and the newest Bucket Hat.

Alchemi Labs is a team of experts who are leaders in the industry of cooling and heating materials. They use this knowledge to create innovative, high-performance products for those who enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities. The received the 2016 Apparel Magazine Top Innovator and Pfizer #ProjectGetOld Grand Prize in 2017.

Florida sun has excessive UV rays, but you can protect yourself and stay cooler with the innovative hats from Alchemi Labs.

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