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2018 LRMC “Hope in Healing’ Awarded to Dr. David Lew

Ken Thomas, chairman of LRMC Foundation Board presents the 2018 Hope in Healing Humanitarian Award to Dr. David C. Lew at the Foundation’s recent Physicians Appreciation Gala.

They said it “couldn’t be done.” Yet, someone had to believe.

Twenty-seven years ago, Dr. David C. Lew wanted to bring cardiac catheterizations to Lake County. Skeptics were sure that wouldn’t happen outside a major hospital…he proved them wrong.

Now, Leesburg Regional Medical Center has recognized Dr. Lew with the “2018 Hope in Healing Humanitarian Award” for making it happen. He reshaped the health of heart care in this community.

In the early 90s, Dr. Lew worked out of a modest trailer parked behind Leesburg Regional Medical Center. He performed more than 800 catheterizations that first year.

This brought the beat of new life for local patients with cardiovascular disease who no longer had to travel to Gainesville or Orlando for treatment.

Within a few years, Dr. Lew moved the new catheterization lab into a home and became the first medical director of the newly established LRMC Heart Institute.

Barriers then fell in rapid succession. The program expanded to:

  • Primary angioplasties
  • Multi-disciplinary abdominal aortic aneurysm repairs
  • Carotid artery stenting

By 1998, the LRMC Open Heart Surgery program opened. Another dream come true.

To stay on the leading-edge of his field, Dr. Lew served as principal investigator in a number of revolutionary clinical trials. He was selected as a national expert preceptor for training colleagues in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

He spent nearly 20 years mentoring interventional cardiology Fellows from the University of Florida. He taught teenagers the value of volunteering to spark interest in a career in healthcare.

Now, he was selected for this award for his remarkable ability to contribute to the advancement and practice of cardiology.  Because, first, he believed.

Concurrent with all his accomplishments, he also established and grew his own cardiology practice into the region’s largest multi-specialty medical practice, Florida Heart & Vascular Multi-Specialty Group, now called FHV Health.

All people ARE created equal: they all breathe, their hearts beat, and they dream. The difference among people is that some dream harder than others.



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