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17 gemstones to put your mind at ease

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Gems have long been used as part of a healing process.

Do you believe a gemstone can change your mood and outlook on life?

Many people believe that a gem’s vibrations are on a wavelength in tune with our own energy and emotions, and being in physical contact with those gems causes energy to flow.

Here are 17 gemstones said to encourage or inhibit various thoughts and feelings. Could they help you?

Alexandrite is known as a color-changing gem with a different hue depending on light conditions. This gem is intended to promote confidence and better self-image. It would be a great choice if you’re nervous about a presentation.

Amazonite is usually green but also can be found in blues and grays. It is used to clear away negative thoughts and feelings.

This beautiful stone comes in an array of purples. It is used to keep a clear head and to soften mood swings.

This gemstone is found in many different colors. Use it for energy, physical and mental.

Blue lace agate
Blue lace agate is a delicate stone that often contains variations in blue. Wear this stone to decrease social anxiety. It is perfect for people who feel anxiety at parties, meetings, or social gatherings.

Clear quartz
This is the spectacular clear or white gemstone you think of as a crystal. It is known for all kinds of healing properties. Use it for general mental health and balance.

Coral used in jewelry and as décor is a special type of coral found in the ocean. It is a beautiful red or orange color. This gem is known for granting mental clarity and also can be used to keep nightmares away.

You can find garnet in a number of colors, but it is typically a deep, dark red. Some garnets will change color depending on the light. Garnet promotes creativity and free thinking. Use it for problem solving or when you need an imaginative solution.

Hematite is related to iron and is typically seen in steel gray or black. It helps keep emotions in balance and can be used in meditation for relaxation.

Jade is known for its attractive green color and is prominent in Asian art. You’ll find it carved into various shapes. Jade is helpful for creating a sense of peacefulness in your heart and mind.

This stone is useful for people who struggle with depression. It actually includes lithium, which is a well-known anti-depressant. Lepidolite is found in a variety of pinks and purples.

Malachite features bands of green. It is used to clear your mind and bring a sense of calm.

Onyx is usually black but also can be found in red. It is excellent for keeping your focus while you make decisions, particularly regarding romantic relationships.

Pink tourmaline
Just the sight of gorgeous pink tourmaline can lift your spirits. This gem spreads joy and is perfect to wear when you are feeling a bit down.

This stone features an unusual but appealing pink and black color scheme. Rhodonite is used to help people through times of trauma. It can be helpful during intense events and in processing the trauma after it has occurred.

This mystical, white stone often is used in sculpture and other forms of art. Use this stone to bring positivity into your life and heart.

Turquoise is known for its blue-green color and often is used in jewelry. This is an excellent stone for anyone who suffers anxiety. It is used to decrease episodes of panic.

Many ancient civilizations used gemstones for healing and mental health. If you could use a change in your mental well-being, you may want to try the powers of gems and crystals for yourself.

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